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View Data Protection information in the Inventory

You can view Data Protection information for a managed device in the LANDESK Inventory view and Summary view.

View Data Protection information in the Inventory view

To see Data Protection information for a device
  1. In the console, right-click a managed device to access its shortcut menu.
  2. Click Inventory to open the Inventory view.
  3. Open the Data Protection component under Security, and check to see if the device's data is protected.

The Data Protection component includes the following attributes:

  • DCID: Identifies the machine with a unique ID code. This ensures that the synchronization between the Data Protection database and the LANDESK database are valid and accurate. The DCID will not be created until after the initial full scan. It might be empty upon first view, but it will be filled after the Data Protection agent is fully scanned by the Inventory scanner.
  • Gatekeeper name: Shows the name of the gatekeeper systems as provided in the Credant agent configuration.
  • Installed: Shows whether the Data Protection agent software is installed on the managed device or not.
  • Last Sync Time: Shows the most recent synchronization time from the Data Protection database to the LANDESK database.
  • MCID: The host ID set up by the Data Protection agent configuration. Administrators can use this information to troubleshoot if they change the name of the computer, but it doesn't change here.
  • Product Name: The name of the Data Protection product that shows in the device's registry. The purpose of this field is to provide information to the administrator about the product itself.
  • Protected Date: Shows the date when the Data Protection agent completed the encryption process on the managed device.
  • Server Name: Shows the name of the Credant server that the device is configured to use.
  • Product Version: The version number as provided in the properties for the executable of the Credant service running on the client.
  • Server Status: Shows whether the Data Protection service is running on the managed device.

View Data Protection information in the Summary view

If the Data Protection agent is installed on a managed device, you can view the Summary inventory view via the right-click menu. This provides a view of the current Data Protection information for the selected device. In order the get the most up-to-date information to the LANDESK console user, as this dialog box is displayed the information pulled from the Credant database is displayed on-screen and is updated in the LANDESK database.

To access the Summary View of the Inventory data
  1. Right-click the selected device.
  2. Select Data protection summary. (NOTE: If the Data Protection agent is not installed, this option will be unavailable.)
  3. View the Data Protection information for that device.

The Summary view shows the following information:

  • Device name
  • DCID
  • Protected date
  • Agent version
  • Server name
  • Gate keeper
  • Product name
  • Last update

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