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Generate Agent Watcher reports

Agent Watcher monitoring and alerting information is represented by several reports in the Reports tool.

All the Agent Watcher reports include the hostname of the workstation, the monitored service or file, the status of the alert (either found or resolved), and the date the event was discovered.

Agent Watcher saves the state of the alerts so that the core will only get one alert when the condition is found and one alert when the condition is resolved. Multiple alerts may occur when Agent Watcher is restarted in order to reboot the system, or when a new configuration is pushed or pulled down to the workstation.

Reports can also be generated for a given category based on different time intervals, such as today, last week, last 30 days, or another specified interval.

IMPORTANT: Agent Watcher alert data automatically removed after 90 days
All Agent Watcher alerts over 90 days old are automatically removed from the database. Alert data is used to generate Agent Watcher reports.

IMPORTANT: Required rights and roles in order to use the Reports tool
In order to access the Reports tool, and generate and view reports, a user must have the LANDESK Administrator right (implying full rights) and the specific Reporting roles.

For more information about using the Reports tool, see Using reports.


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