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Publish an alert ruleset

After you have added and edited rules in a ruleset you need to publish the ruleset. This creates an XML file with the ruleset data that is referenced by the alerting agent as it works.

  1. On the Rules summary page, click Publish in the right column.
  2. Click OK at the success message.

The XML files with published ruleset data are stored in the ldlogon share on the core server, in the alertrules folder.

When you publish a ruleset, the alerting service is notified to reload the updated rulesets. When you update a ruleset that you have already deployed to managed devices, each of those devices will automatically update their rulesets with the modified rules the next time the alerting agent runs on those devices.

If you don't publish a ruleset, there will be no signal to the alerting service to reload the ruleset, so there will be no automatic update of the ruleset on devices that already have the ruleset. We strongly recommend that you publish rulesets every time you make any changes to them.

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