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Welcome to the Ivanti® Security Suite

Ivanti® Security Suite provides the tools you need, in a single integrated console, to secure and protect all of the devices and critical data on your enterprise network.

Ivanti® Security Suite supports heterogeneous network environments that include Windows, Macintosh, and Linux clients.

Security Suite is based on the primary Ivanti® Management Suite functionality that lets you configure and manage network devices, and then enhances and focuses that functionality by adding specific security-related tools like Patch and Compliance, Antivirus, Endpoint Security, Application Control, Ivanti Firewall, Device Control, Agent Watcher, Data Protection, and more; offering a comprehensive and layered security solution.

Comprehensive and layered security solution

Ivanti® Security Suite is a complete security management solution that lets you proactively monitor, evaluate, remediate, verify, defend, and fortify your network infrastructure and resources.

The fundamental Patch and Compliance tool enables you to scan for and remediate the most prevalent types of security exposures and risks that continually threaten the health and performance of your managed devices, including: known operating system and application vulnerabilities, spyware, viruses, system configuration errors, unauthorized or prohibited applications, and other potential security exposures.

Ivanti Antivirus lets you download the latest virus definition file updates; and configure virus scans that check managed devices for viruses and provide the end user with options for handling infected and quarantined objects. Device Control allows you to monitor and restrict access to managed devices through network connections and I/O devices.

The table below shows how the Security Suite tools complement each other and provide a strong, complete network defense:

Security concern / task

Ivanti® Security Suite solution

Knowledge and verification

Console views:

  • Security content lists
  • Definition (and detection rule) properties
  • Patch and compliance scan results
  • Antivirus activity and status information



Patch management

Patch and Compliance

Ivanti updates

Driver updates

Software updates

Vulnerability assessment and remediation
(known industry-published definitions, custom security definitions)

Patch and Compliance

Definition and patch file downloads

Security scans

Compliance scans

Patch deployment and installation


Malware detection and repair


  • Ivanti Antivirus pattern file updates and scans
  • Third-party antivirus content updates

Spyware scans

Riskware scans

Real-time scans

Application blocker

Device configuration, zero-day attack protection, and lockdown

Endpoint Security

  • Location awareness (network connection control)
  • Application Control
  • Ivanti Firewall
  • Device Control
  • Trusted File Lists

Security threats (system configuration exposures)

Windows Firewall configuration

Agent Watcher

Unmanaged device scan and discovery

Unmanaged Device Discovery

Extended Device Discovery (ARP and WAP)

Once you've installed Ivanti® Security Suite and activated your core server with a Security Suite license, you can refer to specific help topics for information on starting the console and using the available tools, including the security-specific tools and features listed below.

Navigate the Ivanti® Management Suite and Ivanti® Security Suite help topics in the Ivanti Help Center or perform a search using a specific key word or phrase to find the information you want.

IMPORTANT: Security Suite doesn't include all Management Suite components
Keep in mind that some Management Suite components do not apply to a Security Suite implementation, such as OS provisioning and rollup cores.

Install and activate Ivanti® Security Suite

Ivanti® Security Suite and Ivanti® Management Suite both use the same setup program to install the necessary components on your core server. As with other Ivanti software products, such as Management Suite and Inventory Manager, it's when you actually activate the core server with your Ivanti account information that the applicable Security Suite functionality is made available in the console.

If your account is licensed for Ivanti® Security Suite, you'll see the tools and features described in the Ivanti® Security Suite help topics when you log into the console.

Ivanti User Community resources

Installing and deploying enterprise applications like Ivanti systems and security solutions software to a heterogeneous network requires a deliberate methodology and significant planning before you run the setup program.

Because the network infrastructure and database scalability requirements and considerations are similar between Management Suite and Security Suite, and because these Ivanti products use the same setup program, you should refer to the Installation and Deployment BKM (best known method) documents located at the Ivanti Support User Community.

NOTE: The Ivanti User Community
The Ivanti User Community has user forums and best known methods for all Ivanti products and technologies. To access this valuable resource, go to: Ivanti User Community Home Page

The User Community hosts several useful documents that provide detailed information on deployment strategies and step-by-step instructions for each phase of your Ivanti software deployment, such as:

  • Design your management domain
  • Prepare your database
  • Install or upgrade the Ivanti core server
  • Understand port usage
  • Configure managed device agents

Ivanti® Security Suite content subscriptions

Ivanti® Security Suite offers scanning and remediation support for several different types of security risks, including known OS and application vulnerabilities for supported device platforms, spyware, viruses, system configuration threats, unauthorized applications, and more. Each security risk, of any type, is characterized by definition files. A definition file is typically comprised of an ID, specific attributes, detection rule details, and patch file information if applicable.

Ivanti maintains a database of validated security definition files, referred to as Security Suite content or security and patch content, that are continuously updated, verified, and made available via web download. In order to download security and patch content you must have an associated Security Suite content subscription.

For information about Security Suite content subscriptions, contact your Ivanti reseller, or visit the Ivanti website:

Ivanti Home Page

Download security updates from Ivanti

The Patch and Compliance section in the help describes how to download the security and patch content for which you have subscriptions. For more information, see Download security content.

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